Shandong Bestrong Group Co. ,Ltd
      Shandong Bestrong Group Co.,Ltd is sponsored and founded by the nine subsidiaries named 
Shandong SpecialFiber Co., Ltd, Shandong Bellemy Technology Co., Ltd etc. Its total regist-ration
capital is 60 million RMB.
      Our company is mainly involved in the pulp and paper, viscose fiber and cellulose, green eco-
friendly natural plant fiberand special fiber industies etc. We also have the tower cranes and ste-
el balls. As an integrated company covering production,scientific research and international tra
de, our company is the supplier or partner of the Apple Inc
       Our company makes full use of green eco-friendly non- GMO wheat straw, rice straw, bagasse, 
reed, corn straw, bamboo,china alpine rush, cotton, jute to produce food and pharmaceutical grade 
natural fibers which top first in the world total. It is widely applied in industries of the dietary fiber, pulp-
molding, tableware, pharmaceutical intermediates, food and pharmaceutical packaging, etc. And it 
has a wide impact in the world at present.
        In addition, our company is an official and professional service authority appointed by the Jinan 
People's Government and we have vigorously expanded Ecommerce (B2B, O2O). Following the 
requirements of the State Council and Jinan Municipal 
       Government, we strive to develop E-commerce for small and mediumsized enterprises and rural enterprises.